Last year, we implemented a system for pre-arrival registration of breakout sessions. This was a long requested feature of our conference. We are pleased to announce that due to the success of this system last year, we will be continuing it.

Below you will find the Breakout Session list and a link to the sign up form. Each lady will need to fill out and submit the form in order to register for their breakout sessions by September 30. Some sessions will still be limited as in years past so please understand that you may not be guaranteed your most preferred sessions. Priority for Breakout Session assignment will be given based on registration order. If your form is not received, you will forfeit your position in line. These forms are available to download and print on the INFO page in the DOWNLOADS section as well. 

If a form is not received then ladies will have the opportunity to select their sessions upon arrival based upon availability and on a first come, first served basis as in previous years. We would strongly recommend that you participate in pre-registering for your Breakout Sessions as it will make for a more enjoyable experience for everyone upon your arrival.

If you have any questions about this new process, please contact our office at 727-771-7979.

Note to Teen Girls: The teens will have their own special breakout sessions apart from adult ladies. This information will also be made available soon.

Specialty Blends 1


From Grande to Venti to Empty (Teens/Empty Nesters by Angie, Bree, and Caleb Wiley)

Angie has successfully completed the teen years and is almost an empty nester. Join her and her two kids as they share the trying triumphs of the teen years and the emotional, battling laughs of adulthood and the almost empty nest! This session is sure to be a riot when the 3 of them get together and share experiences!


Throw Out the Hubby, Not the Coffee! (Marriage Issues by Lena Noble)

Marriage, that blissful and glorious union of two in-love people seeking to find contentment, satisfaction, and fulfillment in another person with no real worries because LOVE takes care of it all! But suddenly, you find that discontentment, unhappiness, and misery is what marriage is at times. This session addresses marriage issues and how to redirect the negative aspects and get on the road to happiness as you learn to serve others and change expectations.


Table Talk at the Coffee Shop (Issues of the Day and Defending your Faith by Pastor Jason Wiley)

New buzz words/phrases of our day: transgender, being woke, tolerance, BLM, cancel culture and the list goes on. Pastor Wiley will take the time to teach what the Bible says about our ever-changing culture, and how we as Believers should respond in the Biblical way to defend our faith and reach the lost during these tough times.


Take Life One Sip at a Time (Trusting and Trust Issues by Sherri Haulk)

Trust is having confidence in something or someone and knowing that what has been given will be kept in confidence. What happens when confidence is shaken, and trust is violated? This can be a negative turning point in the life of a believer that moves them to move in a direction that is away from the love of their Heavenly Father; however, God wants to prove His trustworthiness to us daily. This session will help each person get a new perspective on how to daily learn to trust Him.


Go Ahead, Make My Coffee (Emotional Issues, Menopause, and PMS by Carol Duerstock)

God has given us many emotions to rely on as we live life, but there are times when these emotions can get crazy and totally out of control: PMS, pregnancy, grief, menopause, to name a few. This class will look at emotions, searching out the good, the bad, the ugly, the necessary, and even the unnecessary ones. It will give new meaning to the phrase, “Get a Grip!”


Keeping the Coffee Shop Open (Keep on Keeping On by Brandie Crabtree)

“I quit!” How many times have we uttered those words? I quit at being a wife! I quit at being a mom! I quit the whole Christian life! I quit church! How do you get out of these funks and reengage in what we’re an integral part of? In this session, find out truths from God’s Word, characters He has told us about who also wanted to throw the towel in, but made the decision to stay in the game and win the reward!


A Latte Problems in the Kitchen (Kitchen and Money Saving Tips by Tiffany Barlow)

The kitchen is either a happy place for you or you have one only because it came with the house! In this session, you will learn about some practical food preparation ideas that don’t take an entire day, money saving tips, and phone apps that can help you organize and even save and earn money too!  

Specialty Blends 2


When There’s Not Enough Caffeine, You Might Just Scream (Stress by Angie Wiley)

Stress is the body’s natural response to threatening situations that prepares us to flee or fight. It is a normal part of life and was given by God! But why have we as ladies turned stress into a negative problem that plagues and hinders our lives? This session will look at Bible characters who had stressed-filled situations and their means of coping Biblically through each one.


A Latte Joy (Joyful Living by Tammy Stidham)

What is the meaning of joy? What is the difference between being happy and having joy? God’s Word says a lot about the concept of lasting joy that abounds in the heart that is committed wholly to Him. This breakout time will delve into the Word of God as a well-spring of abundant joyful living.


The Daily Grind (Devotions and Prayer by Rene Kelly)

Ever get up and decide that praying and reading your Bible before you start your day wasn’t a necessary part of the morning? Have you ever decided that eating and drinking weren’t necessary for a good day? How did that day go? Were you grumpy, hungry, irritated, then HANGRY??? Our spiritual man needs to be nourished daily. Getting back to the grind will be the emphasis of this session, seeking to feed the spiritual woman in each of us.


Learning from a Barista (Mentoring and Discipleship by Mary Nixon)

Last year, Mary Nixon did a fantastic session on how to mentor and disciple other ladies. This year will be more of the same! She will show even more reasons as to why this is such an important assignment given to Christian ladies, how to effectively mentor others, and tips for how to fulfill this mandate.


Creating an Exciting Flavor (Writing a Devotional by Candi Schultz)

How do you put together a meaningful devotion that comes alive to those who are in your listening audience? How can you take Scriptures and make them come alive? Jesus was the master storyteller and was able to keep thousands of people engaged and learning. This class will focus on the foundations for making your devotionals come alive!  


Taking Care of the Original Coffee Pot (Caring for Elderly Parents by Diane Campbell)

We all have things that are the originals that we want to protect at all costs! Some of us are in the situation that requires us to care for valuable assets to us: our aging parents. How do you do this when the roles have become reversed, where the child now has to take on the role as parent? Diane has been a champ as she has dealt with not just one but three aging loved ones as their caregiver. She will provide practical tips and guidelines as she shares personal moments that are funny, unique, and heart-felt that will prayerfully help you as you dive into caring for that “original coffee pot” in your family.


Having a Heart for Your Beans (Moms with Children by Trina Sheppard)

Are the words family and happy synonymous? Do we make happy homes or habituated houses? Trina has much experience in making her home a happy place for her husband and children to feel secure and to thrive in living for the Lord and loving Him. She will provide Godly advice and Biblical encouragement to help our homes be havens of rest, fun, and security.

Specialty Blends 3


The Darkest Beans Can be Sweet (Depression by Angie Wiley)

Depression is a leading issue in society, but the causes are still seemingly unknown. Christians are facing bouts of depression as much, if not more than the unsaved world. How can you have the joy of the Lord and be living in a state of depression? This session will find Biblical examples of depression and what God says to do to overcome this spiritually deadly trap from the great Deceiver.


A Single-Serve Coffee Pot (Singleness by Savannah Sheppard)

What does the single life consist of? Does a single coffee pot with one coffee cup sum up your life? Do you feel cheated, slighted, and even angry that you’re a single person? Savannah has become a goal-driven young lady with her own ambitions lining up with God’s plan for her life and is thriving! She will share her thoughts on having a single coffee pot and a whole host of coffee cups to share that single pot with. Custom designed for all our single ladies regardless of age.


Is Coffee in the Budget? (Budgeting and Saving Money by Candi Schultz) 

How do you make ends meet? Do you live frivolously or frugally? Do you budget every penny or spend right down to the penny? This session will cover all these questions and then some! When you leave, you will have learned how to save money and still buy the coffee! (Or maybe you will find out that you don’t need the coffee, so that’s more money to save!


From One Lone Bean to Another (Ministry and Pastor’s Wives Only by Lena Noble) 

The Pastor and his wife can many times feel like they’re the only ones ministering and serving in their church.  Who does the Pastor talk to when times get rough? Who can the Pastor’s wife be friends with? The ministry can be like a lone coffee bean trying to do all the work to make everyone’s coffee taste right. Lena, as a Pastor’s wife, will share her burdens, joys, frustrations, delights, and much more – as she shares her heart.


A Hug in a Mug (Encouraging the Pastor’s Wife by Carol Duerstock)

How do you encourage your Pastor’s wife? Learn how do simple little actions that will mean so much to your Pastor and his wife. Everyone knows when you do for a close family member, you encourage the entire family. As you Pastor’s wife keeps your Pastor encouraged, discover ways you can keep her motivated and encouraged. You, in turn, will be able to experience real joy as you give it!


Medicinal Macchiato (Essential Oils by Leona Rossiter)

Everyone wants to be healthy and to do what is necessary to be able to serve our Heavenly Father with our best bodies using our greatest assets He has given us for as long as possible. This session will be about the benefits of God’s natural remedies that are available to us as essential oils. This session will be exciting as we see how our Father has equipped us for healthy living!


Bitter Coffee, Bitter Life (Bitterness by Mary Calvert)

Life takes on “flavor” many times based on the mood we’re in, and that can make for terrible living if we’ve allowed the bitter bean to permeate our existence. With the “bitter” bean being such an effective tool of the Devil, this session will give Biblical guidelines and principles to help that bitter bean become sweet.


Teen Sessions

Details will be released soon. Please check back at a later time.