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Day Trips

(Breakout Sessions)

Below you will find the Breakout Session list and a link to the sign up form below. Each lady will need to fill out and submit the form in order to register for their breakout sessions by September 30. Some sessions will still be limited as in years past so please understand that you may not be guaranteed your most preferred sessions. Priority for Breakout Session assignment will be given based on registration order. If your form is not received, you will forfeit your position in line.

If a form is not received then ladies will have the opportunity to select their sessions upon arrival based upon availability and on a first come, first served basis as in previous years. We would strongly recommend that you participate in pre-registering for your Breakout Sessions as it will make for a more enjoyable experience for everyone upon your arrival.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact our office at 727-771-7979.

Note to Teen Girls: The teens will have their own special breakout sessions apart from adult ladies. This information will also be made available soon.



Day Trips 1

(Breakout Sessions #1)

Asking for Directions (The Question of Why) - Leona Rossiter

Everyone has asked the infamous question of “WHY” before. Why me? Why am I dealing with this? Why did that go wrong? Why am I the one who is sick? Why don’t I have the money I need? We all need to stop and get some insights on the concept of why and how to respond to our own questions regarding this ever-popular question.


Crossing State Lines (Serving in a Greater Capacity) - Joan Chant

So, everyone has a comfort zone where she lives, works, serves, and lives, but what happens when you’re asked to veer off and do something outside the security lines of your box? How do you learn to cross your “state line” and serve in a new area, in a new way, in a new venue? This session will give principles on how to reach greater heights and tackle new challenges.


Driving Lessons and Student Drivers (Parenting Teens) - Angie Wiley

We’ve all gotten a little bit of anxiety when we see “student driver” on a car near us while we’re driving, thinking of our own teen behind the wheel – a scary thought! While having children is a challenge, having teenagers sometimes can be a greater challenge! This session will give personal insight from personal experience on how to effectively keep open communication with your teenager and how to guide and direct them in the way that God has for them, while not becoming a discouraged, uncaring, and overbearing parent.


Help, the Air is Out of My Tires! (Dealing with Grief) - Patti Feldman

When you lose someone you care about, it can be numbing. The vacuum you feel from losing someone is normal; it’s ok to miss your loved one. When you feel like life is keeping you deflated, God can be your foundation and support. Patti will share lessons she has learned from her God while dealing with the deflating guilt herself.


Packing Sandwiches for the Road (Food & Budgeting) - Brandie Crabtree

Has anyone noticed how the price of groceries has greatly increased? This session involves how to cook and prepare meals on a budget to help the dollar stretch a little father on the journey.


Unloading the Luggage Rack (Hindering Issues of Life) - Mary Nixon

Bitterness, anger, fear, resentment, and anxiety: just a few excess bags that Christian women tote around with them. In this session, Mary will delve into Bible concepts that will help identify the luggage that needs to be removed and discarded during the journey of life.


Watch the Check Engine Light (Accountability) - Sheri Haulk

Accountability is the acceptance of responsibility for one's own actions, and it implies a willingness to be transparent, allowing others to observe your life and offer insights, warnings, and advice. The Bible encourages having accountability with other believers.  This session will give principles on how to be accountable, as well as how to hold someone else accountable.  

Day Trips 2

(Breakout Sessions #2)

Enjoying the Sights (Goodness of God) - Kamelis Hershberger

Do you know your God?  Has your Heavenly Father been good to you?  Can you give testimony as to the goodness of God in your life?  Does God’s goodness make an impact on you?  Your family?  Your ministry?  This session will focus and help you refocus on the goodness of God in your own life.


Expanding Your Horizons (Prayer) - Tammy Stidham

One of our greatest privileges is prayer, but it is also one of the hardest disciplines to incorporate in the Christian walk. This session will focus on how to develop a deeper prayer life as you endeavor to build a stronger relationship with our Heavenly Father.


Merging the Maps (For Married Ladies Only) - Brandie Crabtree

You have an opinion; he has an opinion. You have feelings; he has feelings. You have expectations; he has expectations. Getting married has never meant you give up who you are or that he gives up who he is. It’s all about merging your road map with his: creating a new map for a lifetime of exciting adventures and challenging destinations. Find out some good tips on how to merge your map with his and get on track for more exciting adventures!


Oh, The Places You Want Them to Go! (Homeschool Moms) - Kris Mitten

Homeschooling is not a job for the faint of heart! This session will focus on encouragement for the homeschool mom: how to push, when to stop pushing, when to let go, and when to redirect the endeavors.


Running on Empty (Encouraging your Pastor’s Wife) - Megan Truszkowski

Do you know you have a simple job you can do, and you can do very effectively? You can encourage your pastor’s wife! Many times, she carries unseen burdens and literally runs on empty. Hear from a former pastor’s wife who has now devoted her time and attention to encouraging those in ministry.


The Bitter Better Journey (For Single Ladies) - Marianne Domico

If you are a single lady, I am sure you have experienced the times in your life when your journey has been lonely and feel like you’re unable to continue down the road you’re on. In this session, Marianne will explain her own personal struggles with the single life and how the Lord has helped her deal with being single and going from bitter to better on this journey of life.


The Road Less Traveled (For Ministry Wives Only) - Darleen Whetstone

Being a ministry wife is a big responsibility but a lonely one at times. This session is designed to encourage ministry wives as they labor and serve in the roles God has given them to fulfill.

Day Trips 3

(Breakout Sessions #3)

A Detour on the Happy Trail (Unmet Expectations) - Sheri Haulk 

Life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan, causing detours which lead to sadness, anger, bitterness, resentment, and more. How do we handle those things that cause our trail to be less than happy? Take a ride on the detour route God has planned for you and learn how to experience joy in the midst of uncertainty on your happy trail.


Don’t Make Me Pull Over! (Moms of Children) - Leona Rossiter

Hasn’t every young mom dreamed of sleeping children in the car so the trip goes faster? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to travel through the “kiddo years” with no arguments you have to break up, no games you need to referee, no stopping to redirect tantrums? We know being a mom is anything but a smooth drive! This session will offer encouragement for moms as they travel the daring roads of childhood.


Exploring the Mountains (Spiritual Maturity) - Mary Nixon

The mountain top is the goal on our destination through life, but getting to the top requires difficult paths, rocky inclines, and treacherous cliffs that pose threats.  Spiritual maturity requires discipline and sacrifice that comes from grounding yourself in the Word of God.  This session will help you discover nuggets of growth along the way.


Living By a Compass, Not a Clock (Motives) - Candi Schultz

What are the reasons you do what you do? Does the clock dictate your life, causing you to miss out on things that are important at the dictation of things that matter less? Our motives should come from the compass of God’s Word, not the clock we create for our own time management. Learn to define your own personal motives and the true reasons as to why you live life the way you do in this pointed session.


This Trip Is NOT About YOU! (The Right Perspective of Me) - Jennifer Wilder

How easy it is to get focused on ME as we travel through life! With the world’s philosophies pervading our families, churches, and personal lives, we need to get the right view of God and learn to display that attitude to the world that is watching us. Join Jennifer as she has personally studied out how to train your mind to see God for who He is and how we can make our journey about HIM and not about us.


Travel with No Regret (Forgiveness) - Angie Wiley

How easy it is to harbor anger, resentment, and bitterness? It usually happens because of an attitude of unforgiveness. Jesus taught about forgiveness repeatedly in the Scriptures, but taking it to heart and actually practicing it is a different story. This session will help us see and realize that forgiveness is one of the steppingstones to maintaining a victorious Christian life.


Traveling Across Time and Miles (Ministry over 60) - Patti Feldman & Sharon Jones

Who said that only a young person could have fun on the road trip of life? Patti and Sharon are working diligently to keep our maturing members engaged and busy in many areas of serving, laughing, connecting, and enjoying life. This session is sure to give insights on how to find meaningful and enjoyable purpose on this adventure!



Teen Sessions

Details to come. Please check back at a later time.

Teen Sessions

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