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Elegant Entrees

(Breakout Sessions)

Below you will find the Breakout Session list and a link to the sign up form below. Each lady will need to fill out and submit the form in order to register for their breakout sessions by September 30. Some sessions will still be limited as in years past so please understand that you may not be guaranteed your most preferred sessions. Priority for Breakout Session assignment will be given based on registration order. If your form is not received, you will forfeit your position in line.

If a form is not received then ladies will have the opportunity to select their sessions upon arrival based upon availability and on a first come, first served basis as in previous years. We would strongly recommend that you participate in pre-registering for your Breakout Sessions as it will make for a more enjoyable experience for everyone upon your arrival.

If you have any questions about this new process, please contact our office at 727-771-7979.

Note to Teen Girls: The teens will have their own special breakout sessions apart from adult ladies. This information will also be made available soon.

Breakout Session registration is currently closed.


Elegant Entrees #1

  1. From Yuck to Yum (Food) - Angie Wiley – How much food do we waste in a week? Do you ever end up throwing leftovers away because you just don’t know how to make them work again? This is a session full of simple tricks to help make your simple ingredients become more. There will be hands-on activities and possibly the use of peanuts, wheat, and dairy products. (Limited session)

  2. They’ve Changed the Recipe (Today’s Culture) - Pastor Jason Wiley – What used to be the norm in our world has suddenly become abnormal. And what was once unheard of is now the accepted means of being accepted. This session will deal with how we as believers should view these drastic changes and what our belief system should be as we speak boldly with God’s voice of reason.

  3. A Tough Steak and a Fragile Egg (Marriage) - Boone West – Marriage is always a partnership, and many times one of the partners becomes as tough as an old steak in certain situation while the other side of the partnership is as fragile as a raw egg! This session will deal with marriage, the tough times, the fragile times, and the wonderful times that God wants each union to have.

  4. Moldy Cheese and Spoiled Milk (Divorce) – Joan Chant - Cheese and milk are products that easily spoil, and many times there are factors, some in our control and others outside of our control, that lead to spoiled marriages and even divorce. How do you cope with these spoilages? How do you handle the guilt and pain, even the feelings of inadequacy? This session will be one of experiential lessons learned that will be shared from personal stories of growth and acceptance of life after divorce.

  5. Following Your Heart vs. Following the Recipe (Anger/Bitterness) – Mary Nixon - Recipes give us the directions for wonderful meals and scrumptious desserts, but only if they are followed carefully and precisely.  God has given us His Word full of recipes for a beautiful life, but each step must carefully be followed. There are many un-tasty and soured ingredients that get involved in our lives, spoiling our recipes. This session will focus on ridding our lives of these unnecessary factors, using God’s guidance as the ultimate recipe for taking care of these useless but powerful emotions.

  6. Cooking with Love (Encouragement/Serving Others) - Sarah LaVere – The Bible teaches the necessity of being kind to one other and edifying those around us, encouraging not only ourselves but each other.  How can we encourage and serve each other? This will be a practical session on how to do simple things to bring big smiles!

  7. There’s Too Much Salt and Not Enough Flavor (Contentment) - Tiffany Barlow – How frequently we complain about so many things, when if we never received another gift or compensation, if we never bought another article of clothing, or ate a meal at a restaurant again, we would still be overly blessed and considered rich by many standards from around the world. But we mumble, grumble, and moan over the smallest things. This session will simply ask and answer the question, “Am I content?”


Elegant Entrees #2

  1. The Food Fiasco (Insecurity) - Candi Schultz – Yes, we’ve all had catastrophic events in the kitchen that has made us doubt our abilities to even boil water; and an even more common event that happens in life that causes self-doubt and emotional turmoil is personal insecurity. This session will give principles and insights directly from the Bible that will help us realize who we are in Christ and how to daily live realizing we are loved by the Creator of the world, ridding ourselves of the catastrophic ideals of insecurity.

  2. The Missing Ingredient (Devotions) - Mary Calvert – Our time spent alone with God in His Word is vital for every Christian, as much as water and food are necessary to sustain the physical body. BUT this is a discipline that is lacking in many Christians. This session will take us back to the basics of how to develop and maintain our own personal focus on His Word.

  3. Teach Me How to Cook (Discipleship/Mentoring) – Tonya Shepherd - Titus 2 tells each Christian woman that we are to be in one of two categories: the teacher or the learner. Truthfully, we should hold the role of both. As we continue to learn and grow, we should take our growth areas and impart that knowledge to others coming along behind us, in order to keep the process moving. But how do we mentor and disciple other ladies? This session will provide practical tips for teaching others.

  4. When They’ve Eaten You Out of Your House and are No Longer at Home (Parenting Adult Kids) - Kami Gimenez – Empty nests…are they real? Of course, we have all seen empty bird nests sitting in the branches of trees, maybe feeling sad over the loss it portrays. Many homes are symbolic of those empty nests as children have grown and followed their own paths as adult members of society. That sadness many times brings unexpected feelings of loss, sadness, and regret, just to name a few. How can you learn to parent those kiddos now that they are adults?  This session will focus on how to lovingly and influentially parent adult children.

  5. What to do When Your Cookie Crumbles (Singleness) - Marianne Domico – Do you ever feel that your cookie has crumbled more than you thought it should? As a single lady, it can be difficult to change your expectations to adapt to the reality of the life you are living. How can you effectively minister and serve as a single lady? What is your role in the church, your family, even the world? This session will explore these questions and more.

  6. Mixing Store Brands and Name Brands (Unsaved Family Members) - Donna Davis – Sometimes you can tell the difference between the cheaper ingredient and the name brand ingredient, and sometimes you can mix the two with favorable outcomes. The same is true in families where there are believers and unbelievers living under the same roof. How do the believers respond and react to the negativity and harshness of the unbeliever to things of God, church attendance, attitude, etc.? This session will give encouragement from someone who deals with these hindrances on a daily basis.

  7. I Never Had a Cookbook (Leaving a Godly Heritage When You Didn’t Have One) - Lena Noble – How can there be generational Christianity when you’re the first believer in a family? How do you know what to do, how to influence your family, and how to leave a Godly heritage? This session will give personal examples from personal experiences and how a goodly Godly heritage can be attained and passed on.


Elegant Entrees #3

  1. The Right Amount of Spice (Maintaining Balance) - Angie Wiley – We’ve all cooked at some point in time when there has been too much salt or not enough cinnamon, or an overabundance of pepper added to the dish that makes it close to being inedible. How many times do we add too much serving others, not enough time given to our families, or even no time given to our personal walk with the Lord? Balancing life is the focus of this session as we see God’s perspective of balance.

  2. When You’re Going Bananas (Worry/Anxiety) - Mary Nixon – Worry and anxiety seem to be the new issues of the day! But God commands that we stop fretting and being anxious over things He’s already taken care of. How do we do this? This session will take the two areas of serious problems for we as believers and find Scriptural principles to help gain and maintain victory over as we daily live in this world.

  3. I’m Crying over Spilled Milk (Depression) – Boone West - Yes, sometimes it’s the silliest things that can send us over the top, and a series of “silly” things that can lead to frustration, anger, resentment, and even depression. This session will touch the tip of what depression is and how to use tools from God’s Word to help us realize how to react and respond to the things we can control as well as the things we can’t.

  4. How to Mix Oil and Water (“Problem” Relationships) - Heather Pridemore – What? Can oil and water be mixed effectively? Do you ever have those life relationships that seem to stay separate, though you try to find areas of commonality and attempt to mix those oils in a friendship with the water in your own life, finding more frustration than good? Let this session help with those oily relationships and watered-down friendships so that there can be a good mix of oil and water, making lasting connections for His glory.

  5. When You’re Paid in Peanuts (Role of a Wife) - Lisa Hall – With the rising cost of food, it would be nice to pay for them with peanuts! We all know that’s never going to happen; yet many times we as wives and mothers feel like we do all the work with very little appreciation or immediate gain. This session will focus on what our female role should be and what the Bible teaches us about the woman’s function in relation to her family.

  6. Using Utensils as Weapons (Social Media) - Donna Davis – Some of our best utensils in the kitchen become handy gadgets and weapons in other areas of the home. This session will discuss the ins and outs of the internet. Social media platforms that are so commonly used can become weapons that lead to much destruction at times. How can we as believers use these devices, or should we?

  7. The Hostess with the Mostest (Being a Hostess) - Joanne McHugh – This will be a fun, hands-on session where you will get easy and practical tips on being a “hostess that has the mostest,” as you learn how to use simple steps to creative beautiful place-setting, gorgeous centerpieces, and maybe even some “cutesy” ways to serve plain dishes. This session could contain nuts, gluten, or dairy. (Limited Session)

Teen Sessions

Teen Sessions

Details will be released soon. Please check back at a later time.

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