Fix"her" Facilitations

(Breakout Sessions)

In an effort to eliminate lines, crowds, and congestion when registering for Breakout Sessions, we are excited to announce that we will be introducing a system that will allow you to register for your Breakout Sessions prior to your arrival. Many ladies have requested this following past conferences, and we trust that with you cooperation, this system might be here to stay.

Below you will find the Breakout Session list and a link to the sign up form. Each individual lady will need to fill out and submit the form in order to register for their breakout sessions by September 30. Some sessions will still be limited as in years past so please understand that you may not be guaranteed your most preferred sessions. Priority for Breakout Session assignment will be given based on registration order.If your form is not received, you will forfeit your position in line. These forms are available to download and print on the INFO page in the DOWNLOADS (<-- click here) section as well.

If a form is not received then ladies will have the opportunity to select their sessions upon arrival based upon availability and on a first come, first served basis as in previous years. We would strongly recommend that you participate in pre-registering for your Breakout Sessions as it will make for a more enjoyable experience for everyone upon your arrival.

If you have any questions about this new process, please contact our office at 727-771-7979.

Note to Teen Girls: The teens will have their own special breakout sessions apart from adult ladies. Click here to see information about teen sessions.

Fix"her" Facilitations 1

Serving the Elixir with Grace: Hospitality Counts (any age)

The Word of God encourages us to do good to all people, exhorting and encouraging them; and one of the best ways is over FOOD! Tiffany will share practical tips and demonstrate how to entertain with ease as a means of being a blessing to others. THIS SESSION WILL BE LIMITED IN THE NUMBER OF ATTENDEES ALLOWED! - Tiffany Barlow


Is There a Sleeping Potion For My Kids? (young moms)

Hasn’t every young mom dreamed of sleeping children and a nice long nap for themselves? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give your kids a potent that would let them sleep for a couple hours every day so you could get stuff done without interruptions, even if it was only 10 minutes to go to the bathroom? Carolyn has kids, older and younger, and she has navigated the trying years and is still alive to share about her experiences. Join her and glean from her experiences of wishing she had a magic potent! - Carolyn Odom


Recreating the Mouth I Have (any age)

Have you ever had your mouth and foot get mixed up to the point where your foot is in your mouth? The Bible has much to say regarding our words: the good, the bad and even the ugly ones. This session will offer principles that will help each of us deal with the mouth we would like to pre-program! - Joan Chant

Meeting the Given Prescription: Pastor’s Wife Requirements (ministry ladies)

Take it from a pastor, having a supportive and encouraging wife is imperative for his peace of mind as he does his best to lead the people God has placed under him. Pastor Wiley and Angie will share tidbits of truths they have learned together regarding teamwork in the ministry that will be thought-provoking for you. - Pastor and Angie Wiley

A Formula for Success: Developing a Devotional Life (any age)

We all know that Bible reading is essential for maintaining daily victory in the Christian life, BUT why in the world is it so hard to consistently develop a schedule to do what is so very important? This session will give practical tips and ideas for developing a rich and powerful relationship with our God through His Word! - Leona Rossiter

Fix"her" Facilitations 2

Waiting for the Elixir to Work (any age)

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Hurry up and wait!”? Sometimes the waiting game is one of the hardest games to figure out, learn the rules, and actually play; BUT, it is one of the most important games to master for the Christian. As the Lord is teaching Candi all about this game, she will share with you some of HIS rules she is learning in her own life.  So, if  you need to learn “The Waiting Game”, join other gamers in this thought-provoking session! - Candi Schultz


Revamping My Purpose (ladies over 55)

Have you gotten to the age when you feel like your best years are gone and simple mediocre living is all that’s left? Do you feel that the “new creation” had turned into an “ancient creature?” Join Megan as she shares how God desires to use everyone, regardless of age, marital status, and ability. - Megan Truszkowski 


Managing the Elixer on Your Own (single ladies)

Singleness…what does that word conjur up in your mind? Does it make you have negative thoughts? Does it make you feel lonely? Does it create feelings of doubt and insecurity? Many times the world wants us to thing about being single in a negative connotation, but the Lord wants us to think differently regarding the life of singleness. Joan, who is a single lady herself, will share with you the joys (and yes, even some struggles) of the single life and how God can use you to fulfill very  special and much needed roles in your daily living for Him! - Joan Chant 


When Frankie Stein and Marsha Munster Disagree: Friendship/Personality Conflicts (any age)

Have you ever had a monster clash with a monster of a friend? Personality conflicts are a real part of life, but these altercations do not need to define us, our friends, or our relationships. April will delve into God’s Word and give Biblical principles for dealing with scary friendship dilemmas. - April Goetsch

When the Consult is Negative: Prayer (any age)

There are so many books, poems, songs, and quotes that deal with prayer and how prayer changes things; BUT, what happens when your prayers don’t seem to get heard? What are the negative aspects of praying, if praying can indeed be negative? Join Valerie as she delves into a different look at prayer. - Valerie Stancil

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When Frankenstein is a Monster (married women)

If you are a married woman, you have dealt with a Frankenstein in your marriage at some point and may even a Frankie Stein yourself! Diane has been married for over 50 years and is going to share her thoughts and insights on marriage and what God says in relation to what He wants in your marriage. - Diane Campbell


A Soothing Office Visit: Musical Medication (any age)

Have you ever noticed how music can have many different effects on people and their moods? God has given us this wonderful gift and the Psalms are filled with many references to the importance of good and God-honoring music. This session will deal with many aspects of this God-given gift, from what we listen to, to how we use it to bring Him honor and glory! - Donna Davis


Making an Appointment for My Equilibrium Quandary: Learning How to Keep Balance, Plan, and Manage Your God-given Resources (any age)

Do you ever feel like your life is a teeter-totter and you’re stuck on top, being held there by the craziness of your life’s schedules? This session will offer Biblical principles and practical tips on how to keep things of necessity in balance as you diligently plan and schedule, so every minute is a productive moment in time. - Candi Schultz


Reproducing a Pattern: Discipling and Mentoring (any age)

When people talk about a “Titus 2 Model”, what are they referring to? How in the world can you be an example to others and reproduce Godly living in someone else? Mary has had many opportunities to influence other ladies, old and young. She will offer great insight on how to encourage and mentor others. - Mary Nixon


Who is Here Today, Mrs. Jekyll or Mrs. Hyde? (any age)

Do you have those days where you feel like you go from a nice person to a mad person to a confused person to a sad person, all in a 60-minute period? Yep, we as women have changing emotions, and many times, they can change on a whim and then back again before we have even realized there’s been a change; BUT, it seems everyone around us DEFINITELY notices the change! God has given us emotions, but He wants us to control our emotions and stop letting those emotions control us. This session will give Biblical principles on staying in control of these ever-changing feelings. - Angie Wiley

Teen Sessions

Details will be released soon. Please check back at a later time.