(Breakout Sessions)

Breakout Sessions are a favorite at Fall Friendsy each year! This year we are happy to offer Wild Game Explorations (WGE). We encourage you to come back later and look over the list of sessions and make note of your preferred WGEs in each set of offerings, as well as some back up choices, prior to your arrival at Fall Friendsy.

You must be registered for your WGEs before 8:45 Saturday morning in order to ensure your spot on the exploration. Remember, Wild Game Explorations will be registered for as you arrive and are first come, first served.  Some explorations have limited seating; so to ensure your name is on the adventure list, sign up as soon as you can upon arrival!

Note to Teen Girls: The teens will have breakout sessions going on at the same time the ladies’ sessions are happening.  There will be 3 predetermined, teen Wild Game Explorations.

Click here to see Teen WGE's!


Instafood for the Journey (WGE 1-A)

Safari Guide: Brandie Crabtree

The last year has brought several fun gadgets to the world of cooking, the instapot and the air fryer. This fun and delicious session will show you how easy each of these tools are to use and how tasty and budget friendly the meals can be.  This will be a learning session for your brain and a happy session for your tummy!

I’m Staying in my Hollow Log (Depression) (WGE 1-B)

Safari Guide: Diane Campbell

In today’s society, Satan is using the circumstances and issues of life to keep many hostage to the feelings of total despair and worthlessness, also known as depression.  This session will focus on some general symptoms and remedies that are found in God’s Word to give tools for battling and dealing with this serious tool of the devil.

The Tarzan and Jane Show (Individual Roles in a Marriage) (WGE 1-C)

Safari Guide: Lena Noble

What if your marriage was a reality TV show?  Would people want to sit and watch your personal dramas unfold? Sometimes it is easy to get our roles reversed, lose what our role should be, and thus have a sadly dramatic marriage show that others are sitting back and watching.  God wants us to have a marriage that makes history with both the husband and wife fulfilling the roles God intended you to play.  This session taught by Lena will help each of us wives as we successfully fulfill the role God has designed us to fulfill in our marriages.

This Backpack is TOO Heavy (Contentment) (WGE 1-D)

Safari Guide: Rachael Hodges

“I don’t like this!”  “This is so stupid!”  “I cannot even believe this is happening to me!”  “I don’t like what God is allowing in my life!” Ever asked yourself these questions?  Ever said these things out loud to someone else?  Isn’t being content with your life, your family, your church, your job, your situations sometimes very hard?  We know the Biblical verses and principles, but making applications on a personal level can be difficult.  Join Rachael as she shares her own personal Bible study lessons on how to live the contented Christian life.

Can I Swing in the Vines, I Mean, Am I Good Enough? (Being Used of God) (WGE 1-E)

Safari Guide: Carol Duerstock

We all have feelings of inadequacy in our lives. Many times, due to circumstances of the past and mistakes already made, we doubt whether or not God can use us. This session will delve into the truth found in God’s Word that gives us the assurance that God has a desire to use us, He has a plan for our lives, and we are the only ones who can fulfill that plan as we allow Him to use us for His glory.  Join Carol as she makes God’s Word become relevant for you as you desire to serve Him.


Safari Guide Encouragement (Pastors’ Wives ONLY) (WGE 1-F)

Safari Guide: Susie Herring

Every pastor’s wife knows the struggle it is to constantly be living in a fishbowl. This session will be from a pastor’s wife’s viewpoint on how to find encouragement, peace, and contentment while living in the fishbowl. This will be a heart-to-heart session from one pastor’s wife to another.

My Journey is Over, The Quicksand Has Me! (Personal Defeat) (WGE 1-G)

Safari Guide: Angie Wiley

"I am defeated! There’s no point in continuing on!” Have you ever felt that way? There’s no need to read your Bible, there’s no need to pray, there’s no need to be faithful, because you’re already down, defeated, and outcast with no reason to continue on? If that’s your story, this session will provide practical as well as Biblical insights on how to live above the thoughts of defeat and have a victorious and vibrant Christian life!


Loving Your Safari Companions (Practical Encouragement) (WGE 2-A)

Safari Guide: Joan Chant

Do you ever think about how nice it is to be encouraged by someone? Do you ever think you would like to encourage someone else but just aren’t sure how it will come across or be received?  Join Joan as she shares her practical and useful tips for being an encouragement to others, not only to those around her, but those folks older than her, our little people, our teen-age people, and the pastoral staff.

When Monkeys and Cubs are Restless (Children’s Ministry) (WGE 2-B)

Safari Guide: Angie Wiley

If any of you work in the children’s program at your church, in another ministry, or even with your own children, it is easy to see how games and technology have made it difficult for kids to focus and even to concentrate on things at hand. In this session there will be practical tips given for how to maintain control in a classroom setting, how to plan activities and shorter lesson times that will enable to children to engage, concentrate, and to listen more intently even when they have a hard time focusing.

When Tarzan Drops Jane (Marriage Issues) (WGE 2-C)

Safari Guide: Boone West

When Tarzan drops Jane will be a session that deals with problems and conflicts that happen in every marriage. There are times when Tarzan as the husband does drop Jane, but there are also times when Jane doesn’t do what she needs to do in order to keep Tarzan encouraged. Boone will delve into issues that cause problems in many marriages.

Tripping Over the Roots (“Pet” Sins) (WGE 2-D)

Safari Guide: Amy Nance

Are you willing to admit that you have a pet sin in your life? That little sin that you constantly struggle with, that little hang-up that always drags you down and keeps you from victorious living. Amy will practically speak to you regarding how Satan wants us to keep those little pets in our life not as a means of comfort and joy but as a means of personal defeat.

Tree-Top Living (Maintaining Joy) (WGE 2-E)

Safari Guide: Kami Gimenez

I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart! Do you have joy in your heart? How easy it is to live life and let our surroundings and circumstances rob us of that joy. This session will deal with how to keep and maintain joy even in the midst of life‘s difficulties.

This Journey is all YOUR Fault (Forgiveness) (WGE 2-F)

Safari Guide: Candi Schultz

How easily it is to harbor anger, resentment, and bitterness. It usually happens because of an attitude of unforgiveness. Jesus taught about forgiveness over and over and over in the Scriptures, but taking it to heart and actually practicing it is a different story. Candi will help us all see and realize that forgiveness is one of the stepping stones to maintaining a victorious Christian life.

When the Safari Changes You (Bitterness) (WGE 2-G)

Safari Guide: Mary Calvert

Are you the same person you were when you first trusted Christ as your Savior? If you see areas in your life as a struggle, could it be because a root of bitterness has taken over the living, vibrant organisms in your life? Mary will help us understand the root causes of bitterness and how to eradicate it from our lives.


Sharing Your Testimony on Safari (Witnessing) (WGE 3-A)

Safari Guide: Rachael Hodges

We all have a Scriptural mandate to share the Gospel, but many times that command can be as daunting and intimidating as a wild animal charging our safari jeep. This session will give practical tips for effectively sharing the Gospel and taking advantage of every opportunity placed before us to share what Christ has done in our lives. 

When the Safari Seems Lonely (Single Women) (WGE 3-B)

Safari Guide: Tami McEldowney

If you are a single lady, I am sure you have experienced the times in your life where you are lonely and feel like you’re all alone. In this session, Tammy will explain her own personal struggles with the single life and how the Lord has helped her deal with being single and still having joy as she travels on her safari.

Your Personal Responsibilities While on Safari (Devotions and Prayer) (WGE 3-C)

Safari Guide: Carol Duerstock

We are on a safari in this life; we have a Safari Guide; we have a safari destination, but we also have several personal responsibilities on this safari that we must realize. Carol will explore the necessities of keeping up with our daily Christian responsibilities: enjoying our devotional life, meditation on His Word, and faithfulness in our prayer life.


Ssshhhh, What’s That Noise? (Fear) (WGE 3-D)

Safari Guide: Donna Davis

Fear is a very real emotion, yet it is a God-given emotion. God tells us that we will experience fear, but that fear should not control us. In this session, Donna will share her own personal struggles with fear. Even today, she struggles with certain issues in her own life, and she will share how God daily gives her the victory over these things, offering insight for how you can also have victory.


When They Want to Explore on Their Own (Teens) (WGE 3-E)

Safari Guide: Amy Nance

Having children is a challenge, but having teenagers sometimes can be a greater challenge, maybe even more than you bargained for! Join Amy in this session as she gives personal insight from personal experiences on how to effectively keep open communication with your teenager, how to guide and direct them in the way that God has for them, while not becoming a discouraged, uncaring, and overbearing parent.


My Monkeys, My Show (Parenting Younger Children) (WGE 3-F)

Safari Guide: Lena Noble

This session deals with all of the little monkeys you have running around your house, which are known as all of your own kiddos! We’ve all seen the T-shirts that say, “not my monkeys, not my show”, but the reality is they are your monkeys and it is your show. Lena will help us to understand our role as a parent and how to effectively set boundaries, develop areas of discipline, and have fun in this stage of parenting, not just for your children, but also for your sanity!


When There’s More Than 1 Alpha Male in the Pack (Parenting Adult Children) (WGE 3-G)

Safari Guide: Boone West

Parenting children is a full-time job; and, most believe that the older the child gets the harder the job becomes. As moms, we have parented our children from the time they came out of our womb, and now that they are adults, we still want to parent in the same way. But as we all know, parents trying to parent adults is a challenge in and of itself. Boone has adult children and is constantly working on how to effectively be a loving, caring mom to her adult children; and she will give personal insight and direction from the Word of God if you find yourself struggling with having adult children.


(Teen Breakout Sessions)


Session 1 – “Being FIT for the Jungle”

How do you, as young ladies, get fit for the jungle adventures that await you with everyone around you giving “expert” advice on how to prepare?  There are apps for how to dress, YouTube videos on how to apply makeup, tutorials on the latest styling trends; but, in reality, none of these “experts” really prepare you for life’s adventures.  God’s Word gives us His expert advice on preparing for life, and this session will get to the nitty-gritty basics of real-life preparation!


Session 2 – “Being a Good Safari Friend”

Who doesn’t need to be encouraged?  All of us need someone who will cheer us on and motivate us in the challenges of jungle living.  BUT, what about those safari travelers who don’t have anyone to cheer them on?  This session will delve into practical ways to be a Jungle Cheerleader on the Safari So Good Cheering Squad!


Session 3 – “Quicksand and Vines”

Uh-oh!  Trouble is just ahead for some people on the safari of life!  How easy it is to get bogged down in the quicksand of anger, depression, bitterness and even get caught up in the vines of defeat, the approval of others, etc.  This session will deal with pitfalls and hang-ups that plague many young people today.


Session 4 – “I’m Being Squeezed Too Tight!” / “Who Has the Sharpest Quills in the Fam?”

Girls, ever feel like your parents are squeezing you a bit too tight?  Ever feel like there’s a quill-shooting battle taking place between you and your parents, specifically your mom?  This session will explore the parent/teen relationship, primarily the mom/daughter dynamic.


Session 5 – “The Adventure is NOW!”

Sometimes staying on the jungle path is so difficult, especially when there are so many “more exciting” paths to pursue; however, God has a special path for you to stay on during your jungle safari, and this session will give practical insights to experience His greatest adventures for your life! 

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